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Any person who is charged with a crime in Kentucky and who later has that charged dismissed is eligible for an expungement. Once a charge is expunged, it is as if it never happened. This includes misdemeanors all the way to the most serious felony.

In certain circumstances an individual who is convicted of any misdemeanor, and certain felonies, is also eligible for an expungement. There is a time period required before expungement of convictions.

Many people are not aware, but the Kentucky legislature specifically allows for a conviction for Possession of Marijuana to be voided, and once it is voided, it is eligible for expungement. Possession of Marijuana was also recently reduced from a Class A Misdemeanor to a Class B Misdemeanor.

In the age of constant background checks, criminal records are more important than ever for job seekers and college students. A clean criminal history can be the difference between getting that job or internship, or losing out.

There is no substitute for experience. Wesley Browne has represented countless clients in expungement cases and is one the most prolific expungement attorneys in the area. Call today for your free consultation.

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